Why I Established Solomon Northup Day

“It’s a way of 'remembering' so that we, as Americans, as African-Americans don't forget how far we have come and,
to encourage youth to speak-up for human freedom and justice.

In honoring Mr. Solomon Northup we honor and bring value to Black history itself.

As we reconstruct the meaning of the past that, for African-Americans, freedom is a collective project.

As we reconstruct our memory of the past, we reconfirm our specific history and assure that it is not lost or destroyed.

We, African-Americans, are at the heart of the American experience.

The wealth that is Saratoga (as is the nation) is built on and through the struggle and labor of African-Americans.

Whites and Blacks often see the struggle differently, but it is the same struggle nevertheless."

-Renee Moore, Founder, Solomon Northup Day

The Mission

Enid Mastrianni, Renee Moore and Lupita Nyong'o

The mission of the event is to publicly acknowledge the contributions of Solomon Northup along with a testament to the peculiar circumstances that placed him, and other enslaved Africans in history; 

to give citizens an opportunity to appreciate first-hand how, in Solomon Northup’s case, and terrible circumstances, can lead to a greater benefit of positive change for the larger community; and 

to remember that the sacrifices made have strengthened our community so we must never forget his ordeal and the ordeal of so many others; and

to honor Solomon Northup, and others in the African Diaspora, to celebrate diversity and highlight the Black community of Saratoga Springs, New York.  By Renee Moore, Founder, Solomon Northup Day – a Celebration of Freedom, 1999 to Present. Saratoga Springs, NY. And Plattsburgh, NY themoor78@yahoo.com (518) 596-4329.